Service & Warranty

  1. "Just Don't like" for  3 months since the product 've prescribe. In this period you can change your prescription or change the product or upgrade the product to higher technology . The patient don't have to pay more if the product you change in the same level or same price , but the customer have to pay more if the new product more expensive than the previous on. 
  2. Premium Coating : You can claim the lens when you have a problem with Rodenstock Premium Coating (Solitaire Protect Plus2) , any prolem from production ,except scratching from normal using , for 3 year.
  3. If you don't like our product and you need to return ,I'll buy you back in full price  and this is what's I very confident in my Optometry professional that you can not get from the other. Why don't you pay what you don't like, mee too.

thank you for your Trust.

1 October 2017